Sunday, May 3, 2009

Day 2....

I fell asleep pretty quickly last night feeling tired due to blogging all night, well till 3 a.m. I wish they had some type of hot tub or something that I could sit in while I type. I mean the computer room is nice, but how much nicer would it be if there a hot tub room? I can only dream.

Well I woke up and promptly put on my St. Louis Cardinals hat as my roommate went to church. "See ya later man, GO CARDS!" I yelled as he left the house. I kind of felt bad. I should have been going with him, but it was stake conference and I don't know anyone. I'll go next week when I can meet the bishop and such. I called my friend that was suppose to pick me up for the game. He said look outside man, All I can see outside my window is the PBS offices and then it hit me.... It was raining. Crap! I kept optimistic and said to him, well come anyway maybe this will all just blow over. "ok", he said, "I'll be over in a bit". I laid down on my bed and started a book again that I started reading a while ago. Its called Boom, its a book by Tom Brokaw (I have no idea how you spell his name) Anyways, its all about the 60's and is it ever. He talked about smoking pot with his wife at parties and then doing the news later that night. Pretty funny.

My friend Brock that is out here to sell pest control, he picked me up to see if we could still make it to the game. By that time it was still raining. Brock is an old roommate from back when I was living behind the D.I. in Provo. We always joked that our girlfriends were also our roommates. I guess its only funny to us... anyway, "where is the Pentagon?" Brock asked. This was my second full day and I had no idea other than I knew it was a 2 subway stops away from where I lived "that way" I proclaimed like I have lived here my whole life. I turned up being right. I thought that it would be a lot cooler. But it was just a pentagon shaped building that I couldn't help but wonder what secret documents lay inside and that I knew I would probably never get to read them. There were plenty of police lined up which made it look like they had nothing to do. "Well, lets get something to eat", Brock said, we typed in, well he typed in something to his Garmin GPS system. Steak and Potatoes was the name of the place we decided to go to. It ended up being in the mall food court. The garmin took us in a few circles past the Pentagon before we landed in our final destination. The Pentagon Mall food court.

We walked inside and there were plenty of people there, much different than the Provo Town Centre on on Sunday afternoon. I opted out on the Steak and Potatoes place and went for Panda Express. There is something about that place that always gets me. I guess I just love their orange chicken. But you have to get it to go, (so goes the myth) they give you more. I ate my left overs for dinner.

With it still kind of raining, by St. Louis Cardinals application for my Blackberry said that game was still on delay. We decided to go and try to find something to do inside. We drove past a few Smithsonian museums. No parking. We drove past the Lincon Memorial, I kept my eyes closed cause I didn't want to see the statue of him till I was right up close. No parking, and still raining. We went to the Watergate hotel and I Twittered: I'm at the Watergate hotel "I am not a crook" -Nixon-. I wonder if they give tours of that famous hotel room or if you just have to pay extra to stay in that particular room.

After getting rained out we just went back to my apartment and tried to figure something out to do. They ended up leaving and I decided to go find my new place of work. I walked to the subway and ended up in Dupont Circle. On the way when I got on, I heard a mother and daughter speaking Portuguese. I said to them in Portuguese "are you Brazilians?" Oh yes! they said... you speak Portuguese? I told them that I worked for the Afghan embassy speaking Portuguese and bla bla bla. They were really nice. They had just left New York and were in town until tomorrow. They were going to Orlando then Miami next. My stop came up and I have them my business card and said that if they had any questions to call or email me. Lets see if they really do. I don't expect they will but I thought it would be nice.

Dupont circle was kind of hard to navigate. I pulled out my Blackberry and typed in the address to the embassy and tried to locate it. I walked around in circles and finally found it. Yup, google street view is right on. It looks just the same as it did on there. But this time there were a few black SUV's with the licences plate that read: Diplomat. Cool. I was talking with my good friend Jack Waters while I was walking thought the streets and we were wondering if each embassy is actually owned by that country and if it is considered their country. If that is true, I went to Afghanistan, Algeria, Sweden, Portugal, and Spain. I stuck my foot through their fences and steeped on the grass.

I found my way back to the subway while talking to my mom. Fell asleep on the subway and polished off my panda express from lunch while watching season one of Flight of the Concords. Funny.

kind of off topic, but there is a girl in here with me. She is on the phone and she keeps saying OK... Ok... Ok... Ok... in a really stupid voice. I wish she would just say OK once when the person was done telling here what to do or what ever they were saying. OK... Ok... Ok...

P.S. My middle finger doesn't hurt anymore, or as much as it did yesterday.

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