Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's been a while.

Ok ok ok... I know that my blogs are kind of text heavy and this time I was totally planning on adding pictures... but since I don't have Internet in my apt I have to come to a community room to use the Internet and since I'm not using my computer I can't upload my pictures.... Problems.

Its been a little while since my last post. I would love to blog more but my days are so full of stuff and more stuff. But the last few weeks I have had a lot of fun. I've become more of a DC'er now and not as much as a lost tourist which is good. Was to not appear like a tourist: Never wear the same colored shirt as the other people you are with... Buy a metro card that isn't made out of paper. Don't stare at the map in the metro. Always know what you are doing, even if you don't.

I went to Baltimore a few weeks ago with my friend Brock. We went to go see the Oriole's play the Yankees. It was a good game. I had no idea that Maryland was so pretty and Baltimore was so ugly. My love for McDonald's is still in full effect. Even though I have great food places to go to all the time here. It just gets expensive.
My work here has been great. I've been learning a lot and I love being in the middle of everything. My boss says that he is going to give me the best experience an intern can get. So far he hasn't let me down. I've been really busy. Here is what I do mostly. Every morning I try to get to work before my boss so I can be "read up" on all of the news. Mostly Afghan news so I can answer any questions he may have... mostly so I can ask him questions and so I can sound smart.
I write weekly reports on the Brazilian news and the Colombian news. Really cool. I get to use Portuguese to read the Brazilian news sources and give them a good report. My reports go to somewhere in Kabul (Afghanistan's Capital) I also keep up on the Afghanistan news, mostly their election news. Their elections are Aug 20th. kind of exciting to see their 2nd democratic elections ever.
One of the best parts of my job is that I get to go to dinners and lunches with my boss. So far I've met some really cool people that love working for their country. I had lunch with the Political Chancellor from Japan. He was very nice and gave me some really good advice for my future. He told me that what ever you do in your life make sure that you are doing A: what makes you happy, and B: Has a plan and a purpose. I've thought a lot about that these last few days.
Two weeks ago my friend Spencer Shell came out from New York to visit me. He works at the U.N. and we use to work on the school paper together. We had a great time going around to all the Smithsonian's here in DC and going to the sites. I was floored when I saw the real Star Spangled Banner. The one that inspired the National Anthem. I saw Abe Lincoln's black top hat and even Bill Clinton's saxophone. ha ha!
I returned the visit and went to New York last weekend and he showed me around. New York is a discusting city. It smells and even though it wasn't my first nor last time going there, I was happy to get back to DC. I had a great time in NY though. We went to the MET and I saw some original painting of Picasso, Monet, and many others. It was like I was looking at movie stars. I've seen them in books my whole life growing up but never seen them in person. Really cool. I saw the mummies and really cool artifacts. My trip to NY was fun... but like I said I was happy to be home again. I also stayed with my friend Eleanor in Brooklyn. I love her and her roommates. They are all so nice to me.
Its Memorial Day weekend and I just got back from the Memorial Day Concert on Capital Hill. It was so amazing. They had Katie Holmes speak and General Collin Powell which was cool. They had the Army band play and they did a big tribute to all the fallen soldiers in all the past wars and all the military service men and women that were there. Amazing.
Just on Friday, we had a little sit down party at the Embassy. I sat by the Ambassador on one side and his wife on the other. She was so nice to me asking me all my future plans and really supportive. They really love their country and want it to succeed.

I sat down with my boss and he told me they are going to be opening a new embassy in Brazil soon. He said when they do he wants me to move to Brazil and work for the embassy there. So they have offered me a job when I graduate. I said yes of course. I was so excited when he said that to me. He gave me a lot of good complements on my work ethic said that "our relationship will not end at the end of your internship, but will continue for many years to come". I was honored.
I'm having a great time here and I'm learning so much I couldn't learn anywhere else. I'm so happy I'm here and meeting everyone. I swear I'll update more often and get pictures up asap. ha ha...


  1. Wow you are alive!! I have been waiting for a post for 2 weeks:) I'm glad you are doing well and it sounds like you are having fun and working hard. Keep up the good work.

  2. Yeah!! I'm glad your doing well. Always have such an exciting life. Hope you had fun at the soccer game sat. I miss you brother!!