Thursday, May 7, 2009

The weekend is comming.

Iba vs. the rain has been quite the battle. So far the rain seems to be winning. I've been bringing my umbrella to work everyday. I didn't use it yesterday, it was just in my bag, you know, just in case. But today, I laid it down on my bed as I ironed my shirt. Bushed my teeth and combed my hair, with my hands because for some reason I've become a custom to not using a comb. My shirt was pressed and I decited to go with the Banana Republic blazer (which is navy) and a pair of kacky pants. I was off, and my umbrella was still laying there on my bed. I realized that as I walked into the post office to mail off some pictures to a girl on the UVU basketball team. I took them for her mom during the season. I just forgot to mail them until today.

I got on the subway right as the a rain drop landed on my glasses. Nice try I thought. Nice and dry in the subway. Until Dupont Circle, that's what I thought. Fortunately it was not raining. I stopped off at CVS to get a red bull (Mormon coffee). Remember that girl on Punky Brewster Cherry? She was punky's black friend. Well I swear she works at CVS now. We all had such high hopes for her. Poor thing.

I got to the embassy right on time just as usual and still not rainy. I thought I was going to beat this one. I got back to work where I left off yesterday. I'm still working on his Twitter account. I've got over 1300 people following him now! I hope he uses Twitter to his advantage. Its a great tool.

I worked on that and read this huge reading assignment he has me working on. I finished reading it and started my summary. I figured out that its better to write the summary as you go. Because I've basically been re-reading the whole thing to condense it. Loads of stuff. Sometimes these documents go into great detail... pretty interesting. I'm just trying my best to do the best job I can do so I can gain a great experience and so I can gain the trust of my boss.

Lunch... rain you win... I had to eat something and the closest place was 7-11. It was about 4 blocks away at the end of Wyoming Ave. I got there and I was pretty dry. I bought a sandwich with turkey on it. I was not feeling comfortable bringing ham back to the embassy, cause they don't eat pork products and just out of respect. So I got my turkey sandwich and went along with some cooler ranch Doritos and a Snapple and I was off to the embassy. I made it back, kind of wet. Rain wins. I went to the kind of lunch room they have and ate. There is still no one at the embassy. The President of Afghanistan is still in town and everyone is with him. I kind of wish that I could be apart of that right now but I guess you need to pay your dues first. I assume.

There is some kid at the embassy that I'm not sure what he does, but I do know that he walks past my office all day and looks in. This happens about 18 times a day. I would say he is 20-years-old maybe. Not sure. I want to talk to him but I don't know if he speak English. I know he says hello to me and good morning but that's it. Weird.

On my way home it started to rain on me... but just as I slipped into Dupont Circle Metro station. Lucky me. From their on out I was dry. On the way home it was rush hour. Our train stopped mid-tunnel. Our driver came over the intercom and started lecturing us about how to ride the train and how not to stand in the door ways and bla bla bla. It was pretty funny. People on the train were like I'm glad we are getting lectured right now. Kind of funny. I made it home safe and 5-dollar-foot-long for dinner. Not to worry, I can bring ham into my apartment.


  1. Ha! Rain may win this battle, but this is a long war.... I love the Punky Brewster reference.

  2. Your blog is my new favorite to read everyday Dave! Seriously you are hilarious!

  3. You crack me up! Love the picture of you on Alicias blog with Hilary. You always make me laugh.

  4. Sounds like things are going well:) I saw the LOVE (the Beatles show) in Vegas saturday... you would love it!!

  5. where are you? It's been 6 days since an update!