Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My first days at work

Where do I begin... I didn't blog yesterday cause I was just so tired after my first day of work. I fell right to sleep. My first day went well. It rained all day and of course I didn't have an umbrella. I did however think of that song by Reianna or however you spell her name and I kept thinking that song sounds like a car alarm. Umberella ela ela ela EH EH EH EH!! But thinking of that song didn't keep me dry... but a guy selling umbrellas outside the metro for 5 dollars helped. I walked my 6 blocks up to Wyoming Ave to the Afghanistan Embassy for the first time of many this summer. I got there before my boss did. I sat in the waiting area as people spoke Dari / Parshdu around me. It was kind of cool. And I would really like to learn a 4th language so why not make it Dari?

Asharf Harari, my boss came in and welcomed me by showing me to my desk. It is right next to his. He was so nice introducing me to everyone and showing me around. We got right to work because the Pres. of Afghanistan was on his way. He would be in Washington to meet with the Pres. of Pakistan and Pres. Obama. He showed me around upstairs where the office of the Ambassador was. He wasn't in there at the time but he assured me that I would meet him later on. I couldn't wait. We went back down to our office and I sat at my computer. He said "go ahead and see if it works". I turned it on and it was great. Worked no problem. Of course. While I sat there he reminded me of an email that I wrote to him about Twitter. He wanted me to show him more about it. So I did and I got right to work trying to get him friends. As it stands right now he has over 600 friends already! So I guess I've been doing my job.

Today wasn't much different. Other than everyone in the Embassy was with the Pres. of Afghanistan. He was here and Obama was meeting with them both. When I got into the office there was an literary on my desk of the daily events. I really wanted to go and check it out but Haidari told me he couldn't get me into this one. Which is understandable. He said he is going to get me into some other ones. Which I'm really excited about.

Finding a place to eat in Dupont Circle isn't that hard. Finding a place in Dupont Circle that isn't either a Gay Club or cost $20 bucks for lunch is impossible. But I did find a place down the road from the embassy that sells hamburgers and stuff. I need to go and buy some peanut butter and jelly.

So this afternoon I spent most of the time figuring out how to get him more followers on Twitter. Like I said before I started with 30 friends and last time I checked he had over 600! So my hard work is paying off. I'm just afraid that we are going to get kicked off Twitter for adding so many friends so quickly. ha ha.. So I made a second one just in case that is the case.

On my first day he gave me an 80 page report and told me that they didn't have time to read it. So it was my job to read it and then summarize it. Although it may seem boring... it had some pretty cool stuff inside the "documents". I'm not sure I'm at liberty to say what they said but it was interesting.

Today there was no rain until I decided to go home. I was in my office today all by my self. I guess I could have left at any time. But of course I stayed the course and worked till I was done. It was a good day and I felt good about my work today. On my way home I got a real metro pass. not one of the paper ones. I promptly loaded it up with 100 dollars of credit on it. That should last me a little over a month and a half. So my roommates says.

2 double cheeseburgers for dinner and family guy, I came down to the computer area to blog a bit. I can't wait to see what is in store for tomorrow. Tomorrow I'm taking pictures of Hidari for his Facebook and his Twitter page. I think I'll like doing that. So I'm bringing my laptop to work tomorrow so I can photoshop a bit.


  1. I don't think you can get kicked off Twitter for gaining too many friends too fast- I'm sure celebrities and such get hundreds every second.

  2. Loving this, you are born to blog. xoxo love you. Maybe i can make it down one weekend this summer and you can show me around:)